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16. My Antonia by Willa Cather

March 31st, 2009 (12:36 am)

I forgot all about this one- read it a few weeks back.  Loved it.

Speaking of books, there's a new Jane Whitefield book!!!  Thomas Perry does the most wonderful mystery series and she is the most wonderful main character and all-around kick ass human being.  You need to disappear?  Jane can help.  And this is the fifth book about her. 

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15. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

March 28th, 2009 (07:53 pm)

I listened to this- wanted to re-read the series but didn't want to spend the time physically reading it.  Jim Dale, who does the narration, is fantastic!!

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14. The Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander

March 24th, 2009 (07:39 pm)

Not exactly great literature but OK for a kids' book.   I must be in a kids' mood because I am listening to the 1st Harry Potter.

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13. To See Every Bird on Earth by Dan Koeppel

March 18th, 2009 (07:40 pm)

This is another one that I listened to while driving around Southeastern Louisiana these past few days for work.  I've pasted the review from Publishers Weekly, mainly because I am too lazy to think up thoughts about the book to write down.  Without further ado:

From Publishers Weekly:
For some people, bird watching is a compulsion that can become more important than friends, family or career. Richard Koeppel is one of those obsessive birders, and in this candid book, his son shares his story, painting his father as a tragic figure who passionately wanted to become an ornithologist but became the doctor his parents wanted him to be instead. Not surprisingly, Richard's medical career never satisfied him, and he gave it up to become a "Big Lister," one of a group of highly competitive birders who travel the world making lists of their sightings. Over the years he spotted more than 7,000 different species, a number achieved by fewer than a dozen others. Nature writer Koeppel fleshes out his account of Richard's 50-year bird-watching odyssey with facts about this ritualized, expensive sport, including its history, the rules and technicalities of listing, the people and organizations devoted to making the lists, and questions of taxonomy. His hope, he writes, was to forge a closer relationship with his father and understand the "nearly unquenchable" drive that ruled Richard's life, ruined his marriage and made it impossible for him to be close to his children. But in the end, despite trekking alongside his father on birding expeditions, he still can't quite understand it. His book, then, is more poignant than revelatory.

And yes, I liked it.

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12. I is for Innocent

March 8th, 2009 (01:12 am)

12.  I is for Innocent by Sue Grafton

Another one for the mystery reading trio.  I read this book years ago and it was as good the second time around as it was the first.  Of course, having very little recollection of the plot line certainly added to my reading enjoyment.  Everything old is new again.  I love the way Sue Grafton's narrative flows so effortlessly.  I AM listening to Kinsey tell her story du jour.  I should get more of these out.  I have all of them, all the way through T.  (haven't read the last 3 or 4)

Next is Here Comes a Candle for the horror group.  And the next mystery book is Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris.

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(no subject)

March 5th, 2009 (01:06 am)

Sick sucks.  I am going back to work tomorrow even if I have to crawl.

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Sad sad Cindee am I

February 28th, 2009 (09:01 pm)

current mood: morose

as the government fixed itself... and me along with it.  Hear me howl.  Awooooooooooo!

Me and my big mouth.  I don't need enemies.  No one can do the shit that I do to myself. 

And that's the truth.  Pffffbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt.

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10 and 11

February 22nd, 2009 (04:30 pm)

10.  Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay

This installment in the marvelously twisted world of Dexter Morgan fell a bit flat for me.  I saw a review and it was said that Lindsay was trying a la Anne Rice to explain Dexter's raison d'etre.  Another mentioned Stephen King leanings.  Both are accurate.  While I realize that it isn't possible for Dexter to remain static and that he must undergo change or die, I found the path a little boring.  All in all it was an entertaining read but there were really none of the "holy shit" moments that Lindsay has always been able to evoke from me.

11.  Defending Angels by Mary Stanton

Begin with lawyer inheriting uncle's practice.  Add ghosts, sundry odd people, a neat dog, one sister and annoying parents.  Throw in a few bad guys and all round jerks and you have a cute cozy mystery that is a bit away from the norm.  I hope it turns into a series.    

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9. The Black Stallion

February 13th, 2009 (06:42 pm)

9.  The Black Stallion by someone or other

I never read this as a child, so why not?   I loved the boy's relationship with the Black.   

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8. Saturday by Ian McEwen

February 8th, 2009 (09:15 pm)

I read it.  Actually I listened to it.  What is the big fuss about McEwan all about? 

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